arvin's notebook

i'm a second year aerospace student in iit kharagpur. rp hall. i my hobby is makning websites... the institute is a perfect place for that.

other than that, i hope to get into aeromodelling sometime soon. hopefully this blog will be something like a record of life in iit kgp.

or maybe i'll put links here when i make stuff. what kind of stuff? that's as varied as the sites i'm gonna write about... web pages, perhaps... maybe java games... or some art... or writing. dunno.

Monday, November 22

Endsems and DC Hubs

end sems... if this word arouses in your mind images of frenzied mugging, trips to library, books, discussions... you are not in iit kharagpur.

only one word in that description makes any sense applied to us. frenzy. after wasting time all sem, we react to exams by wasting time with a renewed frenzy. post counts on mutter take a spike as spammers have a field day. someone i know started watching naruto the day before end sems began (for the uninitiated that's a japanese animation series. i think there are english subtitles, but watch true naruto afficionadoes for the occational outburst in japanese)

there is an awesome amount of fighting breaking out about the monopoly of the single DC Hub in kgp. Too much banning and kicking, too many restrictions on chat... someone started an alternate hub... The old hub set a maxhubs=1 rule to stop people migrating... Someone else hacked DC++ and released a new version that lies about num connected hubs... all in the space of 2 days, the weekend between two exams.

yours truly is hardly an independent observer, so what you hear from me may not be the whole story. but hey, this is my blog, ok? (@vaibhav n pravu)

i can live without swearing in the common chat room and i have a big enough hard disk to clear any realistic sharelimit they set... but a minor irritant was being banned for some time because someone else in my wing was hopping ip's and swearing, and i came in the ip range.

but i take serious exception to maxhubs=1. of course, it is their hub, and they can do what they want with it, but i think it would be better for me if there was an alternate hub to connect to when the admins go out of control in this one. hence a lot of sabre-rattling on mutter (GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!). of course, words alone get you nowhere... and actions, well, plans as of now... are not to be divulged on public blogs!!!

i wonder if my new blogger-friend would have a problem with the (lack of) capitalization here. once again, @shrutz: this is my blog!!!

yup, exams make u act weird. i've started blogging again!

Thursday, October 14


Long time, no blog.

I was making a wiki.

For editing it uses the excellent HTMLArea javascript... this is my USP. i'm currently modifying it to make the link box add wiki links....

then i gotta make some kind of user area thing, add some php to weed out scripts and close unclosed tags.

uses php-mysql. will post a version somewhere when its closer to finished.

I'll be staying back in kgp for dp... will do some work then. anyway, this is the aim of kgpwiki (the site, not the application) -

The kgpWiki project aims at producing an alternate website for IIT Kharagpur - One that has tons of information about every aspect of IIT Kharagpur, from the departments to the halls of residence, from the latest gymkhana news to the history of this institute... One that is always up to date, and never has silly mistakes... All this is possible using the concept of the wiki. At present this wiki runs on the internal LAN, but if the project is successful in producing the kind of content required, a snapshot of this wiki could be the basis for a new institute website.